Urban Legend Bloody Mary Mix

As a kid, you stood alone in a darkened bathroom with a single lit candle, stared into the mirror and slowly chanted “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” to see what would happen…

As an adult, you can summon the real Urban Legend Bloody Mary by simply clicking here !!
Urban Legend Premium Bloody Mary mix is putting the spice back in the bloody mary market!
Our Made in Michigan mix has received rave reviews for being an exceptional tasting bloody mary mix straight from the bottle - "Shake and Pour, No Need for More”

Urban Legend Premium Bloody Mary mix has built its reputation on using only the finest ingredients to create our exceptional flavor. Our unique blend of peppers & spices creates a foundation of flavor for the garlic, Worcestershire and other natural ingredients to culminate into a bold spicy sensation that leaves it’s enthusiast with a great taste that lingers on the tongue and creates an overwhelming desire for more.

Take your steaks, chicken or seafood to “legendary” status by using Urban Legend as a marinade or even better as a flavor enhancer for chili, stew, sloppy joes, gumbo and much more!!
Now it’s your turn...Create your own legend !!

The Legend

A secret recipe was handed down to my ancestors over 75 years ago by a bartender from the old country. This recipe was known and yearned for throughout the lands. People would travel from far and wide just to sample this highly sought after nectar of the gods. Flash forward to today. I’ve taken that secret recipe and added some modern day spices to create a damn good bloody mary mix worthy of my ancestors. So Come on - Create your own legend!